I know I sound crazy, don't you see what you do to me?
Somewhere in Simmerland
Hi, I'm Meghan! I'm 17 years old, and I'm currently playing my perfect genetics challenge, and that's basically it right now...but I'm eventually going to start a legacy containing my self-sim and my self-sim's soul-mate,both made by Amiisims.
Hopeless Romantic,
Animal Lover,
I decorated the beach for their wedding. (:
Graduation day, and guess who popped the question?! :D
They’re so cute.<3
Alina loves playing in the puddles :3
Well this is a problem….
Isaiah was pissing me off, so I gave him to Natalie and I made a new guy named Kylar MacCairan, and I needed an adult with him to make a household, so I made a twin, aged him up, made him a girl, and well….She’s super hot. I’ll have pictures of Kylar when I go back in game. I’m really proud of him. (:
Caught Alex building a snowman outside. What a cutie. (:
I spy with my little eye the father of the next generation. Hopefully I’ll get some blonde babies in this legacy! One can only hope, because I swear, if my first kid is the heir again, I’ll flip out. I love Jane, but generation 2 was sooooo boring. Anyways, this cutie here is Isaiah Eleanor (I put him in the same house as my selfsim and made him her son because I can, so that’s why he has a weird last name). He was made by the lovely Natalie herself, and I love him. He and Jane are going to make some HAWT babies.